The artistic legacy

The works in the estate can be made available for exhibitions and selected works (both sculptures and prints) are available for sale.

Of course, we can also help with the preparation of exhibitions and, for example, provide information on locations and possibly can arrange loans.

During lifetime Louise Stomps, for financial reasons, was only able to order individual bronze casts of sold works that were particularly important to her. These are registered in the catalog raisonné as E.A. (Épreuve d'Artiste). In the last years of her life, Stomps increasingly worked in stone ( particularly in granite), as she was aware that wooden works were not made to last forever and it was important to her that her works should outlive her.


In 1987, Bavarian regional television broadcasted a short film about Louise Stomps. In the same year she was interviewed on Bavarian radio. When asked whether she had sold a lot at the exhibition in Wasserburg, she replied: " Not many pieces, but quite well. ... ... But that's a good thing, I still have the things. I'm very reluctant to give anything away --- I've now come to the conclusion - if I can - that I'll cast items in bronze first so that I can keep them for once." Here you can hear and read the interview - but in German only - sorry.

As early as 1966, Stomps said on the occasion of the preparations for the 1966 exhibition in Berlin-Kreuzberg: "My idea is focused on bronze. I work in wood so that I don't have to work in plaster."
Written record of a visit by Elise Tilse (head of the Berlin-Kreuzberg art department) to Rechtmehring, August 1966


Posthumous bronze casts are strictly limited to a maximum of six casts, which are marked accordingly and listed in a subdirectory of the catalog raisonné. You can find an example of this here.