Human | Nature | Abstract Art

Louise Stomps mit kleiner Skulptur

These terms describe what Louise Stomps was aiming for - especially in her sculptural work.

The reconciliation of human and nature and the effort to find an adequate contemporary form of artistic expression for it. This was for her the more and more developed level of abstraction.

In a small film about her life and work, shown on Bavarian Television in 1987, she comments:

"If someone comes who doesn't know or understand anything at all about abstract art, not just directly rejects it, then I would say they should look closer and they should look at nature and should see that certain things shine out much more through abstract work. The main thing is not to show the outer form of a creature, but the innermost, the spiritual. But the spiritual expression is the strongest, and that becomes all the stronger in these abstract works."

Louise Stomps as a Sculptor

Louise Stomps became known as a sculptor and saw this as her vocation. While she initially worked mainly in stone, her work in the 1960s, after her move to Bavaria, increasingly shifted to wood as the base material. In the 1970's and 1980's, she again created numerous stone sculptures and let cast important works in bronze.

Louise Stomps as an Artist of Graphical Works

Parallel to her sculptural work, Louise Stomps has always drawn and created graphic works. Of course, preparatory studies for sculptural projects were among them, but overall it is a completely independent work that must be considered and evaluated accordingly.