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Louise Stomps drew and modelled regularly from the age of 17. However, it was not until 1927 that she was able to devote herself fully to her artistic ambitions.
During the time of the Nazi regime, which she strongly opposed, and the years of the Second World War, opportunities became even more scarce and there is very little substantial material. For this reason, the list of exhibitions begins with the post-war years, starting in 1945.

Solo exhibitions (a selection of examples)

Almanach 1947 Galerie Rosen

August 1947


Galerie Gerd Rosen | Louise Stomps

Gerd Rosen opened his gallery in August 1945, immediately after the end of the war. This marked the return of artistic freedom and modern art to Berlin. The gallery was influential and set the tone in a devastated Germany until the end of the 1940s. During the 1950s, the climate in Berlin slowly changed and the artistic avant-garde lost ground again. Berlin became an island, also artistically.

Ausstellungskatalog 1958

April 1958


Frankfurter Kunstkabinett Hanna Bekker vom Rath | Louise Stomps

Hanna Bekker vom Rath and Louise Stomps met in the late 1930s in Berlin, where Bekker vom Rath was living at the time. In 1947 she opened the "Frankfurter Kunstkabinett" in her home town of Frankfurt, which within a few years had gained an excellent reputation throughout Germany and internationally. Louise Stomps had a total of four solo exhibitions at the Frankfurt gallery.

Ausstellungskatalog 1968

March 1968


Galerie Günther Franke | Louise Stomps. Holz-Skulpturen | Wood sculptures

Günther Franke had been active as a gallery owner in Munich since the early 1920s.
The "Galerie Günther Franke" became independent in 1937 at the latest and was located in the neoclassical Palais Almeida on Brienner Strasse until 1944. 'Degenerate art' was hidden and sold in the Seeshaupt branch on Lake Starnberg. At its new location in the Villa Stuck from 1946, the gallery continued to focus on expressionist artists and classical modernism.

Louise Stomps mit großer Skulptur vor Galerie der Künstler

April 1979


Galerie der Künstler | Louise Stomps. Skulpturen

This large exhibition of almost 150 sculptures included "The Call" (1977). It stood in front of the gallery (in the photo with the artist). This sculpture by Louise Stomps, the largest at 4.3 metres, fell victim to a major fire in the Herz Jesu parish church in Munich-Neuhausen in 1994. Louise Stomps, like many other artists from the region, was on friendly terms with Father Betzwieser, the parish priest at the time. This resulted in this large sculpture being placed next to the church, which later became completely destroyed, including the sculpture.

Ausstellungskatalog 1980

March 1980

Rosenheim (Bavaria)

Städtische Galerie Rosenheim | Louise Stomps.Skulpturen

The largest exhibition of Louise Stomps' work to date (77 sculptures) in the local area was also a remarkable success in terms of sales and cemented her reputation. Numerous private collectors from the region became her regular buyers and patrons.

October 2021


Berlinische Galerie | Museum für Moderne Kunst

Louise Stomps. Natur gestalten 1928-1988. Skulpturen und Zeichnungen

First major retrospective after Stomps' death.
A comprehensive catalogue has been published.
Further information (in German) here.