Louise Stomps ...

... was born in Berlin in 1900 and died in 1988 near Wasserburg in  Bavaria. She had lived there since 1960 in a remote old water mill, the "Kumpfmühle".


Louise Stomps' work was created over a period of more than 60 years, between 1927 and 1988. It deserves to live on.

The catalogue raisonné consists of two parts: the sculptural works (approximately 600 sculptures) and the graphic works, which includes a not yet quantifiable number of drawings and prints. The catalogue is a work in progress and both parts will undoubtedly require further completion and maintenance.

The work is now sufficiently advanced to allow detailed queries. These can be generated as PDF files.


1 - 6: Friedhelm Hoffmann, Berlin
7 + 9: Anna Elisabeth Witte, Berlin


Louise Stomps in der Kumpfmühle

Louise Stomps was just as old as her century.

It was not until 1927, at the age of 27, that she was able to begin working as an artist. She was self-taught to a significant extent and yet, as one of the first women in contemporary sculpture, she was able to pursue her vocation and passion uninterruptedly into old age and make a living from it.



At the age of 17 Louise Stomps began to draw and model regularly. It was not until 1927 however, that she was able to devote herself fully to her interests concerning art and specially the art of sculpture. For a young female artist it was particularly difficult at that time to get the opportunity to exhibit. In the time of National Socialism, against which she stood in resolute opposition, and in the war years the opportunities became even more rare. For that reason the list of exhibitions doesn't begin before 1945.