Louise Stomps | the Sculptures

Skulpture: Rondo

Louise Stomps is best known as a sculptor. Initially she worked mainly in stone, but in the 1960s her work shifted to wood. After moving to Upper Bavaria in 1960, where she lived in the countryside, she had easier access to this material and also avoided the considerable transport problems of heavy stone sculptures.


Nevertheless, there are again more works in stone in her late work. When financially able, especially in the last years of her life, she also made many bronze casts of works she had sold. She quietly accepted the slow deterioration of some works in plaster or wood, but she also felt that important works should last longer.

On the occasion of the exhibition at the Kreuzberg Town Hall in 1966, she told the director of the Art Office, Elise Tilse:
"My imagination is directed towards bronze. I work in wood so as not to have to work in plaster".