Catalogue Raisonné

We are happy to provide information on request to art scholars, experts, galleries and auction houses, and also of course to the owners of works of Louise Stomps. It is based on the existing catalogue raisonné of her works. Of course, any inquiry via the contact form is welcome, and we hope having gained your interest by means of this internet site.

The catalogue raisonné has been created as online database. For evaluations, numerous selection criteria can be applied and combined with each other.

* The excerpts from the catalogue raisonné are fairly large PDF files - please be patient when downloading!

The images open by clicking on them and can be enlarged and reduced with the key combination Ctrl + Scroll. They close by pressing arrow key (top left) or by command Alt + left arrow. Via the application menu (top right) or the key combination Ctrl + F full text search is available.

The catalog of graphic works is still being developed and has not yet been published online.


We provide our expertise on the basis of many years of intensive study of the work of Louise Stomps. It is substantially supported by the systematic collection of all available data in the Louise Stomps catalogue raisonné.

If we are not entirely sure, we will say so.

Images of the graphics:

Anna Elisabeth Witte, Berlinische Galerie

We need your help ...

... if you can provide information about works by Louise Stomps.

You and the current owners can be sure of discretion. Of course, personal data will never be published or passed on to third parties.

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When this message "no picture available" appears in the catalogue raisonné, we have not yet been able to find a suitable illustration.

Wooden sculpture

If a picture like this appears, a better one would be nice. Sometimes we have good images but important data are still missing.